OutHere is a creative
VR & AR agency.

Our mission is to create unique immersive experiences that make a difference.

Coming from a creative background, with a deep passion for technology, we challenge ourselves every day to search for the magic moments when VR & AR make our hearts sing.

This way, we can help brands tap into a future filled with amazing new ways to communicate. Always curious, and always focusing on compassion, relevance, joy and fun.


The team behind OutHere.

OutHere was founded by a group of friends with the belief that technology combined with passion, heart and creativity can make a difference.

With expert skills spanning creative, tech and 3D creation, the team has been working together on numerous award-winning VR projects for global brands such as Volvo Cars, Reebok, Dior, OnePlus and Husqvarna since early 2013.

Learn more about our past work by visiting our LinkedIn profiles below.

Peder Sandqvist

Experience Director

Martin Krafft

Technology Director

Filippos Arvanitakis

Creative Director

Linda Grådal

Account Director


OutHere AB
Lilla Drottninggatan 3
411 08 Gothenburg, Sweden

hello@outhere.se +46 70 316 29 36

Our townhouse is always open for you to drop by for a coffe, tea or a game of pingpong.

In our VR & AR lab we have all the latest equipment and all our experiences up and running, ready to be enjoyed. Welcome!